Transported Catering Services

SEÇSAN delivers the meals produced within the kitchens at the company headquarters taking into consideration the meal times of the customers.

SEÇSAN’s main kitchens, which provide transported catering services, are equipped with the latest technology.

The purchasing department, which is under the responsibility of Food Engineers procure the healthiest products from the best suppliers and carries out mass food (fixed menu) production at its production facilities with professional cooks.

Seçsan delivers the meals produced at its main kitchens by considering the meal times of the customers.
Food is transported with service vehicles that are appropriate for transporting food, in thermobox containers, which are isolated to protect the heat and the taste of the food.

Seçsan is racing against time with 42 years of experience without dropping its quality standards. It provides catering, fixed menu and post meal services upon the requests of the customer anywhere and anytime (7/24).

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With our 42 years of expertise, we want to offer you reliable and quality food service.

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